10 reasons to join

1) You want to feel fitter
2) You want to have more confidence
3) You want to wake up and enjoy life
4) You want to sleep better
5) Maybe fit into those smaller jeans
6) You want to have support and encouragement
7) Successfully manage your stress
8) Improve your life through your diet
9) Reach your full potential
10) Be with like minded people

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I could improve my times...

I have improved my fitness and race times. I didn't realise how important it was to be mentally prepared as well as physically, I feel great on race day now...

Our team of healthy living experts will help you

  • Feel great energy all day long
  • Take your fitness to the next level
  • Design a diet plan that fits your
  • Relax and unwind when you need to
  • Get motivated to fantastic results

What if you want to fit into your favourite jeans?

Instant Feelgood gives you the exercise plan, the food routine and the help to get motivated so you will be striding out with confidence sooner than you can imagine looking and feeling great.

What if you want to sharpen up your fitness?

Instant Feelgood shows you new ways to train that give you the results you’re looking for fast, to help you feel great.